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Do Not Start Running Online Ads on Facebook or Google Until Your Website Has These 3 Things

Do Not Start Running Online Ads on Facebook or Google Until Your Website Has These 3 Things

You have a website. You have a service or product. Time to start running ads on Facebook and Google right? Wrong. The first thing people… Continue Reading…

Your Business Marketing Plan Needs a Story to Survive

Your Business Marketing Plan Needs a Story to Survive

When I first meet with prospective clients, or when other entrepreneurs want to talk about growing and marketing their business with me, there are so… Continue Reading…

Your Site Needs These 5 Things

Your website is your business. It’s that simple. Without your website, your business barely exists. It’s how new customers will find you and how existing customer… Continue Reading…

I Almost Always Judge a Book by Its Cover

Yes, a lot of the decisions I make are based on my first impressions of something. I make decisions on whether to pursue buying something… Continue Reading…

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Chris Reimer is an awarding winning new media strategist and a bestselling author of “Happywork” who made a significant career change at the age of… Continue Reading…

Alex Mathers is a self taught writer and illustrator who has written over six books and has worked with big brand names like Google, BBC,… Continue Reading…

Brendan Hufford is just a regular guy who has accomplished a long list of different things since leaving his job as a high school principal… Continue Reading…

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