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Career Changes, Side Hustles, Workplace Horror Stories, and Nomophobia with Chris Reimer

Chris Reimer is an awarding winning new media strategist and a bestselling author of “Happywork” who made a significant career change at the age of 39 leaving his professional career as a CPA. We talk about the importance of having a side hustle and continuing to learn or try new… Read more

How Alex Mathers Uses Consistent Content, Hard Work, and Focus to Succeed

Alex Mathers is a self taught writer and illustrator who has written over six books and has worked with big brand names like Google, BBC, and Wired Magazine, and has well over 100,000 followers on Twitter and 20,000 followers on Medium. After choosing Geography over Art and pursuing a part… Read more

Taking Gradual Steps Towards Freedom, Security, and Success with Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford is just a regular guy who has accomplished a long list of different things since leaving his job as a high school principal assistant. He has since started and sold two side businesses and blogs making six figures in revenue and is now living a life of what… Read more

How Trevor Page Is Using Numbers and a Proven Formula to Reach $1M in Revenue

Trevor Page, Online Entrepreneur, Programmer and CEO of How to Program with Java quit his job 5 year ago, now makes well over 200K annually with his information product business, and is looking to make $1M next year in 2018… and you know what? He will! How does he expect… Read more

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