People Aren’t Doing This One Simple Thing To Get Clients

I can’t believe I am writing a post on this, but apparently it’s not common sense, Which is why this post will be extremely beneficial to you.

There is one ridiculously simple thing that people with businesses are not doing with their current clients, nor are they doing it to get new clients.

This one simple thing will be sure to make you stick out in the eyes of prospective clients, help them like you more, and make your overall relationships, much happier ones.

What is it?


Yup, that’s right.

You might think I’m being funny, cheeky, or even sarcastic about this, but I’m not.

Before you stop reading, listen to this.

Throughout my experience of meeting with prospective clients, working with new clients, or being a client myself to other businesses, I am consistently shocked at the one thing people tell me, voluntarily, each and every time.

They say either:

“The guy who did my website just stopped responding to my emails”

“I’ve been contacting other designers but I haven’t received a response yet”


“You are really great at responding. You have great communication. I like that a lot. It makes me feel more comfortable with this.”

Let’s talk about that last one for a second and how I feel each and every time I hear it.

My reaction is always the same:

“Oh. Of course.” … At this point, I am always shocked and even a but puzzled at how impressed they are at the fact that I simply respond to their emails, or return their phone calls.

Isn’t this what people who own businesses should do anyway? Isn’t this just normal protocol.

Prospective client reaches out to business with question, business replies back with answer and solution.

That’s how you grow your business, right?

Well, this is exactly what I say to people when they tell me they love my communication and responses. Then they move on a rather emotionally motivated rant about their previous workings with other business and people in the past, and I can never believe it.

Promptly responding to a peron’s email is the EASIEST thing you can do, which can result in the BIGGEST reward in the end; A NEW CLIENT!

Why don’t people respond? Why do people just vanish?

I ask clients this and here’s what they have to say:

“They get pretty busy”

“I think they are changing the company structure”

“Maybe my request was as stupid question”

This is crazy.

Clients should not be creating excuses for the business they are looking to hire, or have hired.

It’s ridiculous.

So if you can’t see the opportunity here, let me spell this one out…

I have established amazing new working relationships with new clients (of whom I love), primarily, because of their appreciation and gratitude of my “responding to their emails”, and my communication in general.

So whatever you think is simple, common sense, or too silly to consider an edge on your competition, DO NOT OVERLOOK IT.

Just because you think it’s normal, doesn’t mean it is.

Common sense isn’t that common.

Do your business, and your new clients a favour and RESPOND to their emails.

Start there, and let me know how it works out for you.

It’s been working out pretty well for me.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

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