Taking Gradual Steps Towards Freedom, Security, and Success with Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford is just a regular guy who has accomplished a long list of different things since leaving his job as a high school principal assistant. He has since started and sold two side businesses and blogs making six figures in revenue and is now living a life of what he describes as “true freedom” and is loving it.

Now running a service based SEO business, we talk about how he got to where he is now with every carefully calculated life decision he made along the way. Also, why taking  the “entrepreneurial leap” that so many people feel they must do, is a big mistake.

What you don’t want to miss

  • How Brendan became a great teacher and ending up in a nightmare as an assistant principal.
  • The difference between doing and managing.
  • The mentors that helped Brendan take gradual steps towards “freedom and security”.
  • Taking the “entrepreneurial leap” is stupid; here’s what Brendan did instead.
  • The moment Brendan finally decided to leave teaching completely.
  • How Brendan’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu side hustle turned into a full time website.
  • Why Brendan decided to stop his six figure clothing brand and ended up hating his passion.
  • How Brendan found what his next business would be.
  • Being anti-fragile
  • A win-win situation working for a marketing agency and his own clients on the side.
  • A seemingly messy path organized with strategic and smart decisions.
  • What Brendan has going on right now.
  • Brendan’s other side business – Mastering the business of photography.
  • Brendan’s plans and new goals for the next year.
  • Lost? The answer can be in the action. Just do something.

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