Clients Hate Making Decisions So Do This Instead

We all know the overwhelming abundance of resources and options available to us as a consumer, a business owner, and a client. There is A LOT. To be make this more confusing, it’s not always easy to figure out what sucks, what’s important, and what’s simply a waste of your money.

As a business owner, you take the time to research and stay up to date on softwares, hardwares, services, and platforms so you can make your life easier, more profitable, and equipped to serve your clients better.

This can take a lot of time and money, but you don’t have a choice. It’s your job to serve your clients better. Simple. You just need to make sure you are offering and using the best tools and services available.

Your client on the other hand, has other stuff to worry about… their business. The last thing they want to make is another decision. They hate making decisions. Don’t we all?

While your client may be at the focal point of your attention and work, you are only another thing your client has to worry about and take care of.

Your client doesn’t have time to look at the hundreds of thousands of tools, strategies, platforms, designs, and services that could possibly help his or her business. What your client does have time to do is be told what the best possible solution is.

This is what you can do (and should not do) to make your client’s life easier, and their business more success (oh, and they will like you much, much more).

  1. Always offer a solution customized to the client’s business (never offer what statistics, infographics, forums or articles suggest… (there’s a lot of that, and most of which may not be applicable!)
  2. Package all of your strategies and tasks into one simple solution. (don’t hand over a spreadsheet of steps, tasks, and possibilities)
  3. Most important, NEVER start your sentences with “we could…” (be confident in what you are suggesting, and explain why. Make is the BEST solution, not just a possibility).

So next time you are meeting with a new client, or a current client, be confident in your solution, and make the best single solution you have to offer.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

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