Career Changes, Side Hustles, Workplace Horror Stories, and Nomophobia with Chris Reimer

Chris Reimer is an awarding winning new media strategist and a bestselling author of “Happywork” who made a significant career change at the age of 39 leaving his professional career as a CPA.

We talk about the importance of having a side hustle and continuing to learn or try new things in life. Listen to why employers should always remember that “we are no less human at work” and what employers can do to implement Tony Robbins’ six human needs into the workplace.

You won’t want to miss Chris sharing some of the worst workplace horror stories you will ever hear and the details on his new side hustle and cure fore “nomophobia”. Look it up, it’s a real thing.

What you don’t want to miss

  • What caused Chris Reimer to go through a career change at the age of 39?
  • Chris’ first side hustle – a t-shirt business started from his basement.
  • How Chris used Twitter to find his true passion for marketing, speaking, and engaging with others online.
  • The two “light bulbs” that made Chris realize a career change was possible and inspired him to leave his comfortable and stable career as a CPA.
  • The scary moment Chris had to tell his wife about his career change.
  • Why does it seem like everyone is starting a side hustle nowadays and is it contributing to unhappiness in the workplace?
  • What was the one question Chris’ dad asked him about having a side hustle?
  • Should you tell your boss about your side hustle?
  • Should companies force employees to exclusively and only work for them?
  • What inspired Chris to write his book Happywork?
  • Why you should always be up for trying or starting something new in your life.
  • Why Chris strongly believes “we are no less human at work”.
  • Working in a place of accumulative positivity (or negativity)
  • Some of the worst workplace horror stories you will ever hear. 
  • The one thing workplaces are lacking the most.
  • What’s wrong with depending on an open concept work environment for workplace happiness.
  • Tony Robbin’s Six Human Needs and how we can implement these into the workplace.
  • The details on Chris’ brand new side hustle and up until now… his secret project.
  • There’s such a thing as “low battery anxiety” – nomophobia
  • Do you know what a battery bank is? You should buy one.
  • The phone isn’t just a phone. Get that through your head.

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