How Alex Mathers Uses Consistent Content, Hard Work, and Focus to Succeed

Alex Mathers is a self taught writer and illustrator who has written over six books and has worked with big brand names like Google, BBC, and Wired Magazine, and has well over 100,000 followers on Twitter and 20,000 followers on Medium. After choosing Geography over Art and pursuing a part time Masters degree in Real Estate, he began to illustrate on the side to generate a side income while studying.

Alex finally jumped full time into illustration and has never looked back, adding a high volume of quality writing content to his repertoire along the way. Since launching Red Lemon Club in 2008, his blogs, writing and illustrative work on all platforms have reached millions of readers and believes strongly in consistently releasing high volumes of content, hard work, and focus as a means to growing any business.

If you wish to 10x your business, you need to pump out the content.

What you don’t want to miss

  • How Alex used his interest in art and iStock Photo to generate enough income on the side to pay for his rent while enrolled in a Masters program.
  • How getting noticed online made Alex find his illustrative style, get paid, leave his real estate Masters program and go full time into illustration.
  • Alex wasn’t ready to go full time illustration, but did it anyway. Find out why.
  • How Alex created his own blog, Red Lemon Club, to help others due to the lack of information available online at the time in 2009.
  • Why Alex had to transition himself from just an illustrator into an online entrepreneur.
  • How did Alex accumulate traction and traffic towards his blog?
  • How Alex began publishing books and developing courses to generate more income and help others.
  • Alex’s blueprint on writing clear and “easy read” pieces of content.
  • How Alex leveraged his newsletter to sell his books and enable himself to continue writing.
  • What is Medium?
  • Why Alex transitioned his attention and writing over to the Medium platform.
  • Why you should publish your content on other platforms as well as your own website.
  • What is SteemIt and how you can get paid for your writing on this new platform.
  • How the platform you choose to publish your content on can help increase your reach.
  • How Alex stays focused on his craft with many other tempting opportunities to explore are available everywhere.
  • How Alex finds client work and gigs from all angles to keep him comfortable.
  • Why Alex travels… a lot, and how he takes advantage of being able to work remotely.
  • How to move forward and hit higher levels of success in your level.
  • Why being committed to more content is crucial to “10xing” your business.
  • The good thing about “putting out a lot of stuff”.
  • How you can take the pressure of each piece of content you make.

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